Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The DJ saved my life

This week, I've not had alot of opportunity to be out recording sound effects. But instead I've been getting my head around new pieces of audio software. I've actually spent quite alot of time playing around with Ableton Live 7 (get a demo by clicking here). Its quite an fun and easy piece of software to use, and its quite different to what I have used in the past.

Anyway, I got my first little project completed last night. It was simple a remix of 'On the Ragga Tip' by SL2 cut with a few random samples and the famous Amen Breakbeat taken from 'Amen, Brother' by the Winstons (starts at about 1:44).

Stepping aside from my future as a star DJ touring the world (believe me, you dont wanna hear the remix), the 'Amen, Brother' breakbeat has quite an interesting history behind it. It started life as a B-Side to a single, and is now hailed by many as 'the beginning' of such genres as Hip-Hop, Jungle and Drum and Bass.

Nate Harrison made a nice video all about this beat. Its nearly 18minutes and gives an interesting insight into its History. Watch the video by clicking here.

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