Wednesday, 6 August 2008

"Goddamn Builders Making Noise at This Time of the Morning"

We've all been woken up in the morning by the sound of Construction work. I can remember one time when we were woken up at 6 o'clock in the morning by a group of men putting up scaffolding, they were singing and shouting and quite rightfully didnt consider anyone who might have been trying to sleep in flats which they were working on. After all, they have to be up at that time of the morning, why shouldn't we?. I also remember when I lived in Leicester, just off the Narb, they were working on a junction through the middle of the night, this was painfully noisey, and I didnt get alot of sleep over those weeks.

This morning was another one of those days. I moved out to the middle of nowhere for the peace and quiet of the town centers so that I can get good recording from any point in my non-accoustically treated house with no major background noise ruining the recording. But yet they still found a way to strike.

It seems that a nearby household has decided to have their driveway resurfaced. Which meant at 7 o'clock this morning out came the drills and the electric saws to tear up the old surface. But something tweaked and stopped me going out and yelling "Do you know what time this is!". Instead, I decided to get out the recording gear and see what samples I can get. The builders didnt seem to mind too much that I was poking a microphone at them. They did however give me a few dodgey looks, one even shouted "Action".

I managed to capture a few good perspectives, from inside my house to being right up close to the machinery. Here's a sample of taken from one of the first recording I made, you can hear the drill and a bit of engine noise, with a bit of chatter.

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