Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Podcasting Part Deux

Hi all. 

Well I've been working hard on getting an Podcast ready for broadcasting.  All is up and running now so if you log onto iTunes and search for 'Audious Sound Design' you'll be able to subscribe to it from there. 

I have learnt quite abit from getting this up and running.  Firstly, my Microphone technique really sucks.  It needs alot of work.  Alot of work! I was forever moving towards and away from the microphone making it a pain for me to maintain a nice balance.  Although I think I got there in the end. 

Plans for the future with it.  I want to compose a piece of music to introduce the podcast and maybe incorporate a few more sound effects into each episode.  

Anyway, give it a listen and let us know how what you think. 

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