Wednesday, 7 April 2010

"Oh I do like to be beside the sea side". Number 2

Back in January 2009 whilst recording sounds for the original Clover game, I paid a short visit to Winchelsea Beach, Near Rye in East Sussex to make a recording (Read the article here). This recording was Broadcast on BBC Southern Counties later that year during an interview with Daniel Jones from Binary Tweed.

Well, today I made my return to the beach to make a new recording. Because the original was recorded in Mono due to equipment restrictions and the file restrictions of the game. Now with my new Stereo recording equipment I felt it was a good time to make another take.

This recording was made at Mid-tide, whereas the original was Low-tide. It was slightly windier today, and the sea was rougher. There were a few people present, but everyone was respecful of the recording.

One person even approached to have a nose what I was doing at which point we realised we actually knew each other. What a small world.

Here is a clip of the recording.

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