Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mobile Phone Vibrating Sound

Recently there has been a sound that I hear regularly in TV programmes, films and internet videos that keeps catching my attention when I hear it.

The Mobile Phone Vibration.

You can buy an MP3 version of this sound for £1. You are more than welcome to use it in your videos, films or compositions, just send me an e-mail or leave a comment and I'll send you a copy of the full license plus a .wav version.

Much like my version of it (above), it always sounds far too "boxy". It tends to catch me by surprise and pull me out of the program itself and makes me think for a second "Oh sweet, text message!" before the character on screen pulls out their mobile phone.

I created this boxiness by placing the mobile phone on top of a cardboard box and then place the microphone underneath it. This amplified the vibration.

Remember, calling a mobile phone will cause interference in the recording equipment. I actually recorded this by flicking on and off the vibrate switch on the phone.

This was a quick recording that I made, just to make a point. The cardboard box I used was quick beaten and battered. In another recording of this sound I would experiment with different boxes and chambers of different sizes and materials to see what would give a crispest sound.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Beside the River.

Whilst driving around looking for interesting countryside sounds to record I came across a bridge down a lane.

The river was in a small valley, it was a long distance from the main road, so there was no traffic noise pollution. There was a lot of trees around and unfortunately, there was enough wind to be heard blowing in the trees.

I tried 3 positions when recording this sound. The first was to gather and all round image of the terrain. I placed the microphone about 3 metres away from the river, pointing towards it. The second recording was place at the same distance, but point in a parallel direction to the river.

With both of these recordings I found that the wind in the trees and the surrounding wild life were more prominent that the river itself. Unfortunately, the wind was not the most pleasant of sounds.

For the third attempt, I decided to change the perspective and get a close up recording of the river itself. So I moved the microphone as close as I could to the river, pointing it in the direction of the stream to get a good left to right stereo image.

You can listen to an example of this recording by subscribing to the Audious Podcast (Episode Dated 17th May 2010).

Alternatively, the sample is available for FREE to add to your sound library by downloading the FREE Audious Sound Sample Pack.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Audious Sound Design Podcast - Ambiance Series.

Series 3 of the Audious Podcast is now going live. Click Here for the iTunes link

This series is showcasing some of the Ambiance sounds that I have recently started recording.

  1. The first episode showcases a recording made on Winchelsea Beach. For more information on this recording see a recent blog entry called "Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside" Number 2
  2. The second episode showcases a recording made beside a country stream. For more information on this recording, see the blog entry called "Beside the River"
  3. The third episode showcases a Outside SubUrban Ambiance made in a little village called Broad Oak (aka my back garden) in East Sussex, UK.
  4. A bonus episode in this series, showcases a recording made recently in Rye, East Sussex. The recording is of a busy road in the town centre near a group of tourists.
  5. The Fifth Episode returns to Rye, but to an area with less traffic and more tourists. It discusses the use of Walla.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

FREE Audious Sample Pack 1.

Audious Sound Design is pleased to announce the release of the first FREE Sample pack.

The sound recordings in the sample pack are completely royalty free, and you can add them to your sound effect library.

To download the FREE Audious Sample Pack, please fill out the following questionnaire: