Monday, 17 May 2010

Beside the River.

Whilst driving around looking for interesting countryside sounds to record I came across a bridge down a lane.

The river was in a small valley, it was a long distance from the main road, so there was no traffic noise pollution. There was a lot of trees around and unfortunately, there was enough wind to be heard blowing in the trees.

I tried 3 positions when recording this sound. The first was to gather and all round image of the terrain. I placed the microphone about 3 metres away from the river, pointing towards it. The second recording was place at the same distance, but point in a parallel direction to the river.

With both of these recordings I found that the wind in the trees and the surrounding wild life were more prominent that the river itself. Unfortunately, the wind was not the most pleasant of sounds.

For the third attempt, I decided to change the perspective and get a close up recording of the river itself. So I moved the microphone as close as I could to the river, pointing it in the direction of the stream to get a good left to right stereo image.

You can listen to an example of this recording by subscribing to the Audious Podcast (Episode Dated 17th May 2010).

Alternatively, the sample is available for FREE to add to your sound library by downloading the FREE Audious Sound Sample Pack.

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