Wednesday, 5 May 2010

FREE Audious Sample Pack 1.

Audious Sound Design is pleased to announce the release of the first FREE Sample pack.

The sound recordings in the sample pack are completely royalty free, and you can add them to your sound effect library.

To download the FREE Audious Sample Pack, please fill out the following questionnaire:


Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks for making this sample pack available. it's downloading now. Just wondered if you'd thought about including details of the quality of the sounds in the pack and what they were recorded with?

Audious said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the comment :)

Sound Quality information is in the Pack, but I'll include that here aswell:

There are 8 Samples in the pack. All samples are 24bit, 44kHz, Stereo Files.

The majority of them were recorded using a Fostex FR2 recorder with a Rode NT4 Stereo Mic. A couple of the tracks were recorded with a Rode NT2A Mic.