Tuesday, 29 June 2010

An Early Morning Trip to the Marshes

I stepped out of my house at around 4am this morning, and aimed for Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Having been tipped off a few weeks before hand that there were a number of Seasonal Birds around at this time of year, I thought maybe this would be an interesting place to try and capture a dawn chorus.

Not knowing what to expect, I was initially quite disappointed with what I heard. I could hear the dawn chorus starting, but I couldn't find any way to get close enough to any trees or bushes that were housing any wild life.

I carried on deeper into the reserve and could in the distance hear a raw which I, at first, passed off as the sound of the Sea in the distance. With the Raw getting louder I decided to explore further.

As I got closer I the sound was becoming more distinct, and the sky was beginning to lighten up enough for me to see what I was hearing. This certainly wasn't a flock of Seagulls... I think it could have been better described as a "swarm"!

There were thousands of them, all flying around in circles, squawking away in a constant dron

I havn't got around to cataloguing my recordings properly yet, but here is an example of what I heard.

Sea Bird Dawn Chorus by Audious

And here is another recording, I made earlier in my visit. This one is a bit calmer.

Dawn Chorus, Rye Harbour, Sea Gulls, Birds, humm from nearby houses by Audious

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