Monday, 10 January 2011

South Bank Skate Park

I've been planning a new recording project recently. Whilst scouting some locations, I came across the Skate Park at South Bank on the Thames (near the London Eye (the big Ferris Wheel)).

Whilst going through my teenage years, I knew a lot of Skate Boarders and BMXers in my home town of Hastings. In fact, I still know a lot of them. I knew that this would be a good place to start recording.

It was a busy Sunday afternoon, and there must have been about twenty 16-25 year olds with their boards and BMXs, grinding the ramps and pulling ollies. Many individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds stopping to watch. It just shows that the sport can be enjoyed by everyone.

The sample is of the skateboarders rolling past in either direction, in the section with the concrete grind ramps.

Note to self: Bring your SLR camera with you in Future instead of the iPhone :)

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