Friday, 25 May 2012

New Sounds Now Available on Sound Dogs

I am happy to announce that Audious now has a selection of 35 sound recordings available on Sound Dogs.

The selection includes 16 exclusive recordings made for the Rye Town Collection.

Also available are many more unreleased Sound Recordings and others which have previously been heard in on Audious podcasts and videos. These sounds include: Tawny Owl, South Bank Skate, Water Under Harbor and Lewes Festival Crowd.

I also highly recommend you have a listen to the Sea Bird Dawn Chorus. It is an amazing Wall Of Sound created by the wonders of nature. Definitely worth a listen.

You can check out the collection here: Link

Thursday, 26 April 2012

iPhone Sounds From Morocco

I recently took a trip to Morocco where I heard some amazing sounds and took some nice photographs.

I had to record some of the sounds I heard, so I used my iPhone 4 to record the sounds (using Blue Fire). Unfortunately the Blue Mikey (which works with Blue Fire) isn't compatible with the iPhone 4 yet, but they're working on a new one. I'll certainly make sure I have one of those next time I go on Holiday.

Here is a recording of a cricket that was chirping away outside of my bedroom window in Taghazout. Apologies in advance, these are taken straight from my phone and not edited.

Okay, the picture doesn't match the sound here. But this is what people goto Taghazout for. :)

The second recording was made in Dades Gorge, in the Hills of Morocco, whilst travelling toward Merzouga and the Sahara. It's not as clear as the last one because there was a very loud running river below. See the photo for the scene.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Fire Place

The house boiler has broken, so we've had to make use of the Fire Place to keep warm.

I took the opportunity to capture the sound and put together a video using from photographs.

Hope you enjoy.